Simple And Straight Exercises To Keep You Fit Anywhere-Anytime

Bored at the gym

Bored at the gym

Exercising to keep the body fit becomes monotonous and mundane once you start following a routine. Human body is a giant mystery box and invariably vies for a change. The body needs a new place to relax, new cuisine to please the taste buds, different people to make friends, and fashionable clothes every day. If the body needs unique things constantly, why tire it with the boring conventional exercises?
Going to the Gym or Jogging in the park per Diem is a good habit, but the body loses interest and the fat burning ability is gradually diminished. So start changing your routine.

5 Simple Exercises You Can Do Anywhere:

1. Stretches on the bed

Start your day by having fun on the bed.

Slide down and stretch your arms upwards. Hold the position for few moments, then place the left arm and leg in 90 degrees for a few minutes. Follow suit for the right side. Ease the upper body with arms outstretched and do mild crunches. Play with your legs raising them by 45 degrees alternatively. Later raise both the legs simultaneously for a few times. You can even practice cycling in the air by lying on the back. Add any alternative you can think of and get up to a bright, alert and sunny day.

2. Hop on

Do not walk or laze around the house, instead jog or hop. Saves a lot of time and activates the body to start the fat burning process. It even helps to an easy defecation.

Rather than standing while brushing or doing breakfast, raise the heels off the floor to tone the calf muscles and try shifting weight of the body alternatively to each leg. Squat whenever possible, while picking laundry or sweeping the floor. Imagine how much fun it is to begin each day with so much energy, even the kids would love it.

3. Pick a pen

Office is a place you cannot do much, but nevertheless you can pick a pen frequently from the floor. Drop a pen or pretend picking a pen while sitting. Do this in any angle, forward, to the right or left as many times as possible. Rise the thighs and keep moving and swinging legs whenever possible. Make sure you do not sit continuously for more than half hour. Go get a glass of water or just get up and work at-least for a minute to help with the proper circulation.

4. Say goodbye to escalators and lifts

walk up stairs

walk up stairs

Take the stairs no matter when or where. The best entire body workout is climbing the stairs and make sure to get the most out of it. Keep fit on the go.

5. Dance to the perfect tune

Home Dance and Have Fun

Have Fun Dancing At Home

Do not be a couch potato once you are back home. Spice up your life by turning on some groovy music and dance to its tunes. Dancing is not only a form of exercise but a great relaxation to the whole body. Placate your body to the good music and have a fun family time too.

These are just a few forms to energize your life by incorporating exercises to the daily routine. Be innovative and add many more interesting things to force the mind into thinking that every movement you make is a form of exercise.

Be fit and healthy to a better life.

Five Don’ts Of Mortgage Renewal

mortgage can help you

mortgage can help you

A mortgage is an excellent financial aid to help you own property that you may not be able to pay for upfront. Nowadays, mortgages are available for a given term and you will need to renew it for another term. You need to take this renewal as seriously as you did the first time you were getting the mortgage. There are a couple of things you should always avoid when you want to renew your mortgage.

Don’t be caught unawares

You should not wait until the time for renewal to start thinking about your mortgage future. If you have a renewable plan, you need to start thinking about your financial status long before the renewal is due. This time is essential for you to review all the changes that you have undergone since signing up for the mortgage. You will be able to assess whether with your current financial status you can afford to continue with the same rates, or you want to get a lower rate.

Don’t just sign the form

Don't just sign the form

Don’t just sign the form

The greatest most people make is simply signing the forms and sending them back. This is one of the greatest mistakes you can make. The renewal forms come with specific rates, and terms. You need to ensure that you have gone through all the terms and know what you are getting into.

When going over the form, you need to also avoid getting trapped into signing a long term mortgage. If the rates are high, it means you will be stuck paying for a long time.

Avoid signing up for higher rates since this will make it even more difficult for you to keep up with the payments.

Don’t get stuck with the same lender

You do not have to get stuck with the same lender especially if you are not comfortable with their rates. There is always the option of moving to another lender and getting lower rates. However, you need to avoid using the rates only to determine the mortgage renewal you go for. Always consider other things about the mortgage such as monthly instalments and penalties for early payments.

So you can review your current lender and conditions, then decide whether you are better of looking for another deal. Most new lenders will offer you no switch penalties so you can change without having to pay any extras. In addition, you will also be starting with a smaller principle amount so it is well manageable.

In conclusion

Financial aid office

Financial aid office

If you are not an expert in mortgages, rates and the intricacy of the terms and products, you should always look for help. Talk to people who are financial experts and can offer you advice on the right product for you. If you want to get a new mortgage plan, they can help you go over the terms of the new lenders. On the other hand, you can also talk to a financial expert and get help reviewing your current mortgage. This will help you ensure that you have a product that you will not regret.

5 Time Management Tips For Working Parents

working dad

working dad

Routine can be hectic for independent individuals and when it comes to working parents, it becomes even more hectic to handle work and kids together. This can be very frustrating for parents. Work cannot be compromised as it is necessary to make money. But you can’t leave your kids without guidance either. Work-life goal seems hard to achieve in such a scenario and parents get frustrated when they are unable to find a solution for this. Here are some tips that you can utilize to balance your work and your time with your children.

Do not multitask

It becomes hard for working parents to manage both work and kids and they tend to open many projects at the same time to avoid having to work for long. It’s the wrong approach. If anything, multitasking will prolong the duration of different tasks. Plan your day so that you can perform one task at a time attentively. Give your hundred percent so that you can do your household tasks faster and save more time to spend with your kids.

Keep a time log

Keep a diary and write down your daily activities. It will help you analyze how much time you spent on each activity and will give you a better idea of where you can cut down on time and which task needs more attention. Also it will help you get rid of useless habits and activities that are cutting down your time.

Organize your time table

Organize your time table

Organize your time table

You need to organize everything to make sure that things don’t go wrong at any point, forcing you to compromise work. Keep an organized time table and allot a limited amount of time to everything. Things which can be done faster do not need extra couple of hours. An organized time table will help you get done with the chores early and you’ll have more time to spend with your children.

Keep one calendar for work and home

Use the same calendar to plan work projects and at home activities. It will help you organize more and will reduce the chances of any clash between your time with your kids and your working hours. By planning activities on the same calendar you will choose dates more carefully to make sure that you won’t have to compromise with your time with your kids later.

Buy in bulk

Bulk buy

Bulk buy

To avoid any interference in your time table, think ahead and buy the groceries and other essentials in bulk. You can go to the store after a week on the weekday to get milk, food, bread and other items for the whole week so that you won’t have to rush to the store in the middle of the week and disturb your routine.

Parenting is a tough job, and if you’re a working parent, it’s going to be a lot harder. However, it’s not impossible and by planning ahead of time, you can manage your time wisely and spend quality moments with your kids without compromising your work routine.